Cohda Wireless

Safer, smarter, greener journeys

UniSA Ventures worked with the inventors, a group of highly regarded scientists working at UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research: Dr Paul Alexander, Prof Alex Grant and Prof Lars Rasmussen.

Recognising the commercial potential of the intellectual property, UniSA Ventures funded initial proof-of-concept testing, and managed the fundraising and transition of Cohda Wireless into a UniSA spin-out company in 2004.

Today Cohda Wireless is the leading software and sensor supplier for the Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and Smart City markets and is well positioned at the intersection of these two rapidly developing industries.

Over 60% of vehicles involved in global connected vehicle trials use Cohda technology and Cohda’s V2X-Stack software was successful in automotive design wins awarded by General Motors and Volkswagen.

In the last five years Cohda has sold products to over 600 customers across the globe and has established offices in Adelaide, Detroit, Munich and Shanghai plus distributors in Japan and Korea.

Cohda Wireless